Who is Generational Leadership?

Generational Leadership is a nonprofit organization existing to instill values for success through character training and leadership development. Our goal is to help young people become whole-hearted, vibrant and lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ, aware of the individual destiny that is on their own life, purposed and equipped to see it through to completion.


We believe that one of our greatest responsibilities is to help this generation grow in positive character, beginning with personal restoration, leading to hope for their purpose and destiny, resulting in making a positive impact on the world.  Our goal and purpose is to develop leadership for the twenty first century.

Character issues in individual lives, including integrity, self-government, responsibility, work ethic and servant-hood, are challenged and discussed.

Our involvement includes volunteering at:

  • Community Centers
  • Pregnancy Aide and Homeless Shelters
  • Retreat Centers
  • Homes of Senior Citizens
  • Children’s Reading Programs
  • Community Housing Facility (for single mothers entering and exiting drug rehabilitation)
  • Tahoma School District

We are committed to build and teach integrity, initiative and a good work ethic by investing in young adults by way of mentoring partnerships.

We understand that positive change in society begins with positive change in ourselves.  Therefore personal healing through revelation, encouragement and personal relationships is vital to the success of this generation.